Simon Nietiedt, M.Sc.

TurbuMetric - Optical 3D measurement systems for coverage dynamic fluid-structure-interactions while turbulent wind surroundings
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Books and Papers

Nietiedt, S.; Kahmen, O.; Luhmann, T. (2019): Untersuchung von Orientierungs- und Matchingverfahren für die hochgenaue 3D-Oberflächenerfassung von Schweißnähten mit einem mobilen Kamerasystem. Kersten (Hrsg.): Publikationen der DGPF, Band 28, pp. 711-719 , Weblink


Nietiedt, S. : Three-dimensional measurement of rotor blades during flow measurements in a wind tunnel. Wind Energy Science Conference, Juni 2019


founded by: European Fonds for Regional Development (EFRE)
The aim of the collaborative project is the simultaneous geometric recording of turbulent wind flow fields (fluid behaviors) and deformations of rotor blade surfaces of wind energy systems. This helps to generate new knowledge about the influ... more