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Simon Nietiedt, M.Sc.

Integration and simultaneous estimation of kinematic parameters in multi-view image matching of dynamic processes
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funded by: German Research Foundation
Classical methods of photogrammetric deformation analysis are essentially a two-step process of spatio-temporal image matching (STM) followed by the calculation of deformation parameters. In many close-range applications, further kinematic in... more
funded by: European Fonds for Regional Development (EFRE)
The aim of the collaborative project is the simultaneous geometric recording of turbulent wind flow fields (fluid behaviors) and deformations of rotor blade surfaces of wind energy systems. This helps to generate new knowledge about the influ... more
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Thomas Luhmann (head) Sinah Vogel (01.2021-04.2021) Dr. Ing. Thomas Willemsen (10.2018-06.2019) Annika Katrin Jepping, B.Sc. Martina Göring, M.Sc. Robin Rofallski, M.Sc. Simon Nietiedt, M.Sc.

Books and Papers

Nietiedt, S.; Wester, T.; Langidis, A.; Kröger, L.; Rofallski, R.; Göring, M.; Kühn, M.; Gülker, G.; Luhmann, T. (2022): A Wind Tunnel Setup for Fluid-Structure Interaction Measurements Using Optical Methods. Sensors 2022, 22(13), 5014 , doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/s22135014
Kalinowski, P.; Nietiedt, S.; Luhmann, T. (2021): Accuracy Investigations of Image-Matching Methods Using a Textured Dumbbell Artefact in Underwater Photogrammetry. PFG , doi: 10.1007/s41064-021-00175-8
Wester, T.; Kröger, L.; Langidis, A.; Nietiedt, S.; Rofallski, R.; Göring, M.; Petrovic, V.; Luhmann, T.; Kühn, M.; Peinke, J.; Gülker, G. (2021): PIV and deformation measurements on the rotor blade of a rotating, scaled model wind turbine with flexible blades under tailored inflow conditions. 14th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry – ISPIV 2021, Chicago, Illinois
Nietiedt, S.; Kalinowski, P.; Hastedt, H.; Luhmann, T.; (2020): Accuracy Investigations of Image Matching Techniques by Means of a Textured Dumbbell Artefact. Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLIII-B2-2020, 791–796, 2020 , doi: 10.5194/isprs-archives-XLIII-B2-2020-791-2020 , Weblink
Nietiedt, S.; Göring, M.; Willemsen, T.; Wester, T.; Kröger, L.; Gülker, G.; Luhmann, T. (2020): Erfassung von Fluid-Struktur Kopplung einer Modell Windenergieanlage in Windkanal-Experimenten. Luhmann/Schumacher (eds.): Photogrammetrie, Laserscanning, Optische 3D-Messtechnik – Beiträge der 19. Oldenburger 3D-Tage, Wichmann Verlag, Offenbach/Berlin


Nietiedt, S. : TurbuMetric- Dynamische optische 3D-Messtechnik. TurbuMetric- Öffentlicher Workshop, April 2021
Nietiedt, S. : Three-dimensional measurement of rotor blades during flow measurements in a wind tunnel. Wind Energy Science Conference 2019, Cork, Ireland, Juni 2019

Bachelor & Master Theses

Genauigkeitsuntersuchungen von Bildzuordnungsverfahren unter Einfluss des Mediums Wasser mithilfe einer texturierten Kugelhantel (2020/2)