Das Projekt – „WärmewendeNordwest – Digitalisierung zur Umsetzung von Wärmewende- und Mehrwertanwendungen für Gebäude, Campus, Quartiere und Kommunen im Nordwesten“ (kurz WWNW) - wird aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung im Rahmen des 7. Energieforschungsprogramms der Bundesregierung „Innovationen für die Energiewende“ gefördert.

Project description

Climate-neutral building stock by 2045 : This thermal energy transition can only succeed if the majority of buildings are refurbished and renewable energy sources as well as the heat potential of for example waste are used effectively. The digitization of buildings can help to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings while ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

In the joint research project WärmewendeNordwest (Thermal Energy Transition Northwest), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Jade University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the research field Digitalized Experimental Campus Building Physics (DigExBau), led by Prof. Dr. Sascha Koch, in which three buildings on the Oldenburg campus of Jade University are being equipped with high-resolution sensor technology and modern actuator technology to enable long-term monitoring of these buildings and to develop an AI for building control ("digital janitor").

The digitization of the buildings goes far beyond a classic smart home solution, as relevant building components such as the walls, the roof and individual rooms will each be equipped with several measuring points, which will be designed in the physics laboratory at Jade University (headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Middelberg). All measurement data will be collected permanently and in detail in a central Building Data Lake. From this, results are derived in the form of Building Data Stories, such as temperature curves in the wall or humidity as a function of weather or ventilation.

The results will be included into the cross-cutting activity "Transfer and Innovation, Qualification and Training", which is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Rohjans at Jade University of Applied Sciences. In the Digital Engineering Lab located at Jade University of Applied Sciences, the Building Data Stories will be brought to life in a 3D building model for professionals and students.

In a further step, additional external data sources will be included to enable thermal management planning. This will involve examining districts and neighborhoods in the northwest of lower saxony with the aim of distributing the possible heat supply options in a planning area as optimally as possible.


Website: https://www.waermewende-nordwest.de/

Books and Papers

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