Oliver Kahmen, M.Sc.

Digital visual testing on welds under water by high-resolution optical 3D surface reconstruction
Collaborative Spatial Artificial Intelligence in Realtime

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Books and Papers

Kahmen, O.; Ekkel, T.; Hastedt, H.; Luhmann, T.; Reznicek, J. (2015): Influence of the Quantity, Size and Arrangement of the Scale Bars in Large Volume Photogrammetry. Proceedings EPMC European Portable Metrology Conference 2015, Manchester


Kahmen, O. : Entwicklung einer großen Invardraht-Maßverkörperung zur Anwendung in der Industriephotogrammetrie. Dreiländertagung SGPF/DGPF/OVG, Bern, Schweiz, Juni 2016


funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
The goal of the project is to supplement the classic visual inspection (VT) of welded joints under water with an optical 3D measurement system. Based on high-resolution 2D (image) data, metric 3D (surface) data will be generat... more
funded by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
The Project – „CoSAIR – Collaborative Spatial Artificial Intelligence in Realtime“ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the program „Research at Universities of Applied Sciences“ in order to create, consolida... more
funded by: European Fonds for Regional Development (EFRE)
The project objective is the investigation of imaging techniques and the development of special methods based on intraoperative and preoperative data. The field of application is primarily in orthopedics, however, in principle the problem can be tran... more

Bachelor & Master Theses

Bildbasierte Detektion von Rissen in Schweißverbindungen mit den Methoden des Deep Learnings (2022/10)
Untersuchung verschiedener Bildanalyseverfahren zur Orientierung von Bildsequenzen eines Dreikamerasystems (2020/2)
Entwicklung eines Prozesses zur Detektion von Rissen auf Schweißnähten durch digitale Bildverarbeitung (2020/1)
Untersuchung von Orientierungs- und Matchingverfahren für die hochgenaue 3D-Oberflächenerfassung von Schweißnähten mit einem mobilen Kamerasystem (2018/9)