The Institute for Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (IAPG)

The Institute for Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (IAPG) is part of the Department of Geoinformation. Application-oriented education, research and development in photogrammetry, geoinformatics and related areas are its main fields of activity. The IAPG constitutes on successful accomplished projects and long-time contacts to cooperating universities, public authorities and companies.

  • The photogrammetry and optical 3D metrology group focuses on acquisition, processing and visualization of 3D imaging systems.
  • The geovisualization and cartography team develops user-specific methods for visualizing complex spatial and temporal information.
  • The geoinformatics group is specialized in the management and processing of digital spatial and spatiotemporal data.
  • The economic and business GIS team analyses time-spatial structures and processes of economic activities.


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