The IAPG focuses on activities in application-based education, research and development in four main working groups. It runs modern and well equipped labs for all working groups.

Photogrammetry and optical 3D metrology

The photogrammetry and optical 3D metrology group focuses on the image-based acquisition, analysis and visualization of 3D applications:

  • Optical 3D metrology
  • Dynamic 3D metrology
  • 3D modeling and SfM
  • Aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing

Current research topics:

  • Camera modeling and calibration
  • Numerical simulations and SLAM
  • Underwater photogrammetry
  • Medical applications
  • Wind energy applications
  • 3D surface acquisition and matching
  • Tracking and navigation

Further research topics:

  • Industrial dimensional metrology
  • 3D city modeling for planning and visualization
  • Combination of photogrammetry and laserscanning
  • Thermal photogrammetry



Geovisualization and Cartography

The geovisualization and cartography team develops user-specific methods for visualizing complex spatial and temporal information.

Current research topics:

  • 3D- and 4D-modelling and visualisation of geodata
  • Development of new representation standards
    and types
  • System integration and service oriented architectures
  • Multimedia information exchange
  • Rapid mapping
  • Augmented reality

Application fields in focus:

  • Renewable energy, transport and distribution
    networks, asset management
  • E-government, planning processes and participation
  • Topographic information systems
  • Tourism, digital cultural heritage
  • 3D city and landscape models



The geoinformatics group is specialized in the management and processing of digital spatial and spatiotemporal data. This especially includes:

  • modeling of geoinformation
  • design of databases
  • use of geographic information systems
  • design, development and customization of spatial information systems and services

Current research topics:

  • geospatial standards and services
  • spatial and spatiotemporal databases
  • mobile and web mapping
  • 3D- and 4D-modeling of spatial data

Application fields in focus:

  • tourism
  • energy and sustainability
  • environmental information and disaster management
  • ITS and logistics
  • location-based services


Economic Geography and Geomarketing

The economic geography and geomarketing team analyzes spatiotemporal structures and processes of economic activities.

  • Conception, conduction and completion of decision support
    studies regarding economic activities
  • Comparison of different Geographical Information Systems
    for economic purposes

Current research foci:

  • Locational analyses
  • Statistical research on time-spatial basis
  • Quantitative and qualitative data surveys
  • Analysis of high resolution socio-demographic market data

Current application foci:

  • Spatial and city marketing
  • Geographical retail research
  • Geographical energy research