TurbuMetric - Optical 3D measurement techniques for detecting dynamic fluid-structure interactions in turbulent wind environments

The aim of the collaborative project is the simultaneous geometric recording of turbulent wind flow fields (fluid behaviors) and deformations of rotor blade surfaces of wind energy systems. This helps to generate new knowledge about the influence of wind loads on wind energy plants. In cooperation with the institute of physics of University Oldenburg existing and enhanced optical measurement systems are integrated in the wind tunnel of the University Oldenburg. Based on the combination and synchronization of these different measurement systems the complete interested area shall be recorded synchronized and three-dimensionally to provide a time based post processing. A more detailed description of this project can be found on the project web page.
Funding source

European Fonds for Regional Development (EFRE)

Project duration:      01.06.2018 - 28.02.2022

Funding volume:      1.3 Mio. EUR


  • Optische 3D-Messtechnik
  • Turbulenzforschung