Books and Papers

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Luhmann, T. : Fundamentals of camera calibration and image orientation. UAV-Conference, Intergeo 2024, Stuttgart, September 2024
Paulau, P. ; Hurka, J. ; Middelberg, J. ; Koch, S. : Centralised monitoring and control of buildings using open standards. 8th International Conference on Smart Data & Smart Cities (SDSC), Juni 2024 Weblink
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Brinkhoff, T. : Auswertung von Fahrdaten aus digitalen Tachographen zur Visualisierung von Fahrtstrecken, eine neue Dimension der Weg/Zeit-Berechnung. Fachtagung Klassische Forensik: Innovationen für die Kriminaltechnik, GPEC Leipzig, Mai 2024
Pesch, R. : Geoinformationssysteme: Hintergründe und Anwendungen - Einführung im Rahmen der Digital-Werkstatt zu BIM und GIS Potenzialen. Digital Werkstatt im Rahmen von buildingSMART Deutschland, März 2024


funded by: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The WorldPop project aims to produce grid-based population estimates up to 2030 broken down by sex and age groups. The overall project is led by Prof. Andy Tatem of the University of Southampton. With this framework, IAPG is responsible for the devel... more
funded by: Europäische Union (EU)
Given the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, Protect Baltic aims to evaluate and optimise the existing network of marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea and thus makes a positive contribution to biodiversity and the protection of marine ecosystems. Tog... more
funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
Subproject Optical 3D Measurement Technology: For making of reliable wind turbine runtime extension assessments, a new method is being developed that takes into account the geometry and modal properties of the respective rotor blade. These are deter... more