Lab for photogrammetry

The lab for photogrammetry focusses on the analysis, evaluation and processing of image-based and laser-based data for 3D modeling, visualisation and quality assessment. Three high-end work stations equipped with stereo-screens and 3D devices allow for the processing of complex data sets.

Application-based research and education mainly focusses on UAV-photogrammetry and image-based 3D modeling e.g. using structure-from-motion:

  • UAV-photogrammetry
    • Image-block analysis and selfcalibration of cameras
    • Combined analysis with terrestrial image blocks
  • Close-range photogrammetry and structure-from-motion
    • Cultural heritage applications
    • 3D acquisition and visualisation
    • Accuracy assessment and realiabity evaluation
    • Declaration and evaluation of photogrammetric parameter models
  • Quality assessment and evaluation of combined photogrammetry and laserscanning analyses



The equipment of the lab for photogrammetry is based on its main area of application on 3D data analysis, evalution and visiualisation of large image and laser data sets. Single cameras, image- and laser-based measurement systems are linked to the lab for optical 3D metrology.



3D work stations with high-end computers, Planar- and UltraView-stereo-screens and 3D devices (3*)

Leica BLK 360 laserscanner



Trimble (inpho) Photogrammetry (Match-AT, Match-T, DTMaster)(3*)

ERDAS Imagine inkl. LPS (15* classroom)

Agisoft Metashape 1.5.x (20* net)

RealityCapture (1*)

Leica Cyclone Education

Phidias 2.5 für MicroStation (2*)

BINGO (1*)