Lab for optical 3D metrology

The Lab for optical 3D metrology focusses on the supply of a well-equipped (state-of-the-art hardware and software) facility for application-based education and research. It covers a working area of 147m² and therefore offers an open space for the development, analyses and acquisition of different static and dynamic processes of different specialisations.

The application-based education and research e.g. focusses on:

  • Acquisition, Modelling and Evaluation of geometric characteristics of wind turbines during operation
  • Development of measurement techniques and algorithms for 3D metrology and autonomous missions in underwater photogrammetry
  • Development of measurement techniques and algorithms in medical technology and industrial applications
  • Analyses, evaluation and accuracy assessment of measurement systems and methods for standard and large-volume applications
  • 3D acquisition and modelling in cultural heritage (see Lab for photogrammetry)

The lab hosts equipment for high-speed-measurements, online-tracking systems, scanning systems (fringe projection, hand-held) as well as evaluation facilities for optical 3D metrology systems based on VDI/VDE 2634. A large-volume test facility for photogrammetry, laserscanning and lasertracking is applied to the building structure in order to allow for system tests in large-volume applications.


A complete equimpent list is available in German.

An overview on cameras and measuring systems:

  • Nikon D850 (2), Nikon D4, Leica M8, Mamiya ZD and different consumercameras
  • Machine Vision Cameras (z.B. Basler ace, 13 div. ; AVT div; Baumer TXG)
  • Qualisys Online-Trackingsystem with 9 Oqus-Cameras
  • Axios CamBar and SingleCam Systems (5)
  • PMD CamCube 3.0 Time-of-flight camera


  • AICON SmartScan fringe projection system
  • Leica BLK 360 Laserscanner
  • Leica RTC 360 Laserscanner
  • Creaform Go!Scan 3D portable hand-held scanner


  • PCO dimax HD+ (2)
  • PCO dimax cs (2)
  • AICON MoveInspect HF Precise

Scales and evaluation facilities

  • Cube based on VDI/VDE 2634 part1 (2 Volumina) (retro/standard)
  • Brunson Invar scales (3 sets)
  • AICON Carbon-scales (retro/standard)