Does your bundle adjustment work right?

Considerations of software certification in close-range-photogrammetry

H. Hastedt (1)
T. Luhmann (1)
J. Peipe (2)
W. Tecklenburg (1)

(1) University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven
(2) Bundeswehr University Munich


data description


Various bundle adjustment software packages for close-range-applications are available on the market. Each manufacturer implements his algorithms in a different way and uses different methods. Depending on the program it provides different intervention possibilities and system options which may lead to various results. The resulting 3D object coordinates for example can be verified with respect to considered calibrated scales. Therefore the absolute precision can be evaluated, however the functional model of the adjustment is not tested. A certification of software packages will therefore be of high interest for users as well as for manufacturer. It can achieve a higher acceptance of photogrammetric metrology. Different analyses dealing with the comparison of calibration results and resulting object space information, gained from different bundle adjustment programs, are done by ([6] [7] [8]). The presented considerations should combine different efforts and bring them to a certification structure with the goal of leading it to general acceptance.


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